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Asbestos Audit & Compliance Inspection

We can also provide an independent Asbestos Audit & Compliance inspection service onsite or at your nominated location, Asbestos site audits can be used for a variety of reasons by our clients and contractors.


The auditing service can be used by a non-licensed or licensed asbestos removal company, who may require an independent internal/onsite audit this may be carried out prior to the application for an asbestos license with the HSE or prior to the renewal of their asbestos license with the HSE ,


The auditing and compliance Inspection can only be used in support of a contract agreement in place with their client during key projects or for work within social housing properties to ensure best practice at all times by the appointed removal contractor,


                        The auditing and compliance inspection service can also be used as supporting evidence to gain or maintain industry accreditations


The inspection and compliance service can also be used by an organization to ensure that their building portfolio complies with Health and Safety at work Regulations and in the accordance with your company procedures.


Our auditing and compliance inspections are specifically designed to aid your business by ensuring your property complies with the requirements, which are set in the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations.


This service can also be used to audit and inspect your site work teams to ensure that they are working in accordance with your organizational procedures and any risk assessments that are stipulated for the project that is being undertaken.


Our auditing services can be based wholly around our own internal auditing procedures which have been collated over the many years of work within this sector by our audit team.


We also encourage our clients to provide and work with our auditing team to ensure that the audit and compliance inspections being carried out are as per their business requirements and focus on the operational goals of the organization so that they can achieve best value for their money within the audit and compliance inspection undertaken.


                                                             The auditing and compliance inspections are focused on ensuring best practice for all operational staff involved within the audit trail we work to identify any potential breaches within legislation or potential failings against the agreed auditing parameters, we also identify any potential Health and Safety breaches identify who could be at risk from any potential hazards that may not have been included within the project being undertaken or within the site appropriate documentation.

Compliance Inspection:


Once the audit has been completed, we provide an onsite de brief with the organizational team and provide practical guidance regarding the findings of the compliance auditing and inspection to ensure the organizational team are aware of their own duties in regard to there organization and in line with the Health and Safety at works act 1974.


Once the audit has been collated, we then issue the audit back to the client and work with them and suggest methods that can be implemented to reduce the risk to an acceptable level, ways to improve the organization or to streamline any operational activities.


We will also review any paperwork, general procedures, risk and method statements and provide practical tips and guidance to improve or update the paperwork if this is a requirement following the findings of the audit.


All audits will be carried out in the strictest of confidence inline with all relevant GDP Legislation

If you are unsure on the type of the audit or inspection you require or requirement for an Audit & Compliance Inspection or you wish to discuss things in more detail then please just

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