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Why should you survey ?

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Management Survey


Refurbishment & Demolition

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Localised sampling

If you are a homeowner, Landlord or undertake work within the construction industry you must remember the importance of surveys as part of duty holders, employers and clients legal responsibilities to manage the risks from asbestos.


Where asbestos materials are in good condition and unlikely to be disturbed, they do not present a risk. However, where the materials are in poor condition or are disturbed or damaged, asbestos fibres may be released into the air. If these fibres are breathed in, they can cause serious lung diseases, including cancers.


Workers who disturb the fabric of buildings during daily use, maintenance, refurbishment, repair, installation and related activities may be exposed to asbestos every time they unknowingly disturb or work on asbestos-containing materials without taking the correct precautions.


To prevent this exposure, information is needed on whether asbestos is, or is likely to be, present in the buildings, so that an assessment can be made about the risk it presents and appropriate measures put in place to manage those risks.


The person responsible for managing the maintenance and repair of a non-domestic building (also called a ‘duty holder’) must manage any asbestos in it. They can use other competent people to assist them in all or part of the work to comply with their legal duties, but they cannot delegate

their legal duty.


Asbestos Management Survey

The Asbestos Management Surveys are a standard inspection survey to internal and external fabric of the building in order to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 for all commercial and industrial buildings,


This survey can also be used by both vendor parties when purchasing or selling a property to ensure that the buyer is fully aware of any

additional costs.


This type of survey/inspection is non-intrusive to the fabric of the building but does include sampling or a presumption of any suspect materials which will confirmed within the issued report.


If you are a business owner/manager and undertake the position of the duty holder this survey will also identify what type of asbestos containing materials are in place within your portfolio of buildings their condition and what your legal obligations are in order to comply with the regulations.


The asbestos management survey can also be used from a management perspective for the occupied building and can be shown to any staff and contractors prior to the commencement of any planned maintenance work and can form the part of a site induction process or site work permits this will be carried out using the information within the asbestos register.


The asbestos management survey may also be required for insurance or compliance purposes, including visits from either HSE or Environmental Health or other regulatory authorities including the emergency services.


All suspected samples taken during the course of the survey will be transported to our nominated UKAS accredited laboratory ready for analysis.



Asbestos Refurbishment-Demolition Surveys

The Asbestos Refurbishment-Demolition Survey must be undertaken by the duty holder or the appointed contractor prior to any proposed refurbishment of any kind or proposed demolition in part or full this survey can also incorporate elements of both.


The aim of the Refurbishment/Demolition Survey is to establish the location and condition of any asbestos containing materials within the proposed work areas so that any identified materials can be managed safely during the proposed refurbishment work or removed by the appropriate contractor prior to the refurbishment or demolition work on the building by the appointed contractor this will ensure compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and HSG264, ( Construction Design and Management) Regulations 2015.


The main difference between the two types of survey is that a refurbishment/demolition survey is an intrusive and destructive survey into the fabric of the building to confirm the presence of asbestos in line with the proposed building and refurbishment/demolition works.


The refurbishment and demolition survey can also be carried out to localised areas of the building or property and can also have elements of a management survey for any areas that are not to be included within any proposed scope of works.


All suspected samples taken during the course of the survey will be transported to our nominated UKAS accredited laboratory ready for analysis.



Localised/Targeted Asbestos Sampling Report

We can also provide a service where localised or targeted areas of the fabric of the building can be checked this could be as simple as checking the internal or external of your garage roof or checking for the presence of asbestos materials within the Artex (Asbestos Reinforced Textured Coating) to the ceilings of the property prior to any re decoration please see the below link for a list of areas where asbestos materials could have been used during the construction of the building.


The aim of a localised/targeted survey is to ensure the proposed single location has been checked for any asbestos materials prior to any refurbishment or redecoration works or just for piece of mind by the property or building owners.


The localised/targeted sampling can also be more cost effective for the client and will ensure a minimum level of compliance for the proposed works.


All suspected samples taken during the course of the survey will be transported to our nominated UKAS accredited laboratory ready for analysis.


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